Council Invoice Payments

Pay invoices by credit card

Welcome to the Metropolitan Council Invoice Payment website! We are pleased to offer the option and convenience of credit card payments for amounts less than $20,000.

Please note: Currently, only accounts associated with 10-digit invoice numbers beginning with zeroes may be paid via this site. If you would like to pay a Metro Transit invoice beginning with a letter, please continue to make payment by check or ACH/EFT/Direct Deposit until further notice.

Your customer number and invoice number, required below to ensure we can correctly identify your payment, are listed on your invoice or statement. Once validated, you will be able submit your payment information in a safe, secure and easy manner.

Payments are not refundable to your card. If you believe a payment was processed in error, please contact Accounts Receivable at

  • Balances over $20,000.00 must be paid via check or ACH/EFT/Direct Deposit.
  • To pay finance charges, enter any invoice number from your statement in the Invoice Number field.

If you have questions, contact Accounts Receivable at

We appreciate your payment!

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